Next Generation LED Light Tower


More Compact

Up to 50% smaller in size than the industry standard LED light tower for the same light rating and run time

More Efficient

Using a generator rated over 93% efficient compared to the industry standard of 70%

More Portable

A trailer and canopy designed for mobility and maneuverability

Rugged Design

Designed for the construction and mining industries where time is scarcest resource.

LED Light Tower, Hybrid Light Tower, Hybrid LED Light Tower

LED Light Tower Manufacturer, Hybrid Light Tower, Hybrid LED Light Tower

Welcome to Lumax Lights

Lumax Lights is a manufacturer of LED light towers. Lumax maximizes efficiency in its light towers. This means less fuel costs. Less operating costs and a longer lifetime of the complete tower.

When you need light towers that have the lowest running costs, then you need a Lumax LED Light Tower. Learn more about our LED Light Tower Technology and look at our buying options.

An LED Light Tower designed for LEDs

Lumax LED Hybrid Light Towers are designed as DC machines. LED lights use DC voltage. Lumax harnesses the maximum LED efficiency by providing direct DC voltage to the LED lights getting rid of rectifying LED drivers in the process and improving efficiency. Models include direct power from the generator, a hybrid tower model with lithium batteries in between and a hybrid model with a solar panel installed on top. The options allow us to find what will be best for your requirement weighing operating expenditures, running costs versus the initial capital expenditure of the Tower.

Hybrid Light Tower Options

The hybrid options will allow you to customize your battery size to decrease maintenance cycles and run time fuel cycles. With the Lumax configurations, you can choose how many hours you want to use the generator in any given usage cycle. All of Lumax’s lithium battery systems contain a BMS to protect the batteries from over or under charging. This increases the lifetime and cycle time of the batteries. With our in-house battery testing system, number of cycles have been tested with our LED tower system.