About Us

Lumax Lights has a design and manufacturing center in Delhi, India. The company focuses on building technically advanced light towers based with a focus on 3 main cores:

  • Durability – The conditions for light towers are normally not the best. These units are designed to be used on the side of roads. In mines (See: Mining LIght Towers). In extreme temperatures. On Construction Sites. In high temperatures. In Border Patrol.
  • Efficiency – Lowering fuel costs and maintenance costs has been a key tenant in the design of all Lumax Light Towers. (See: Technology). You will not find this combination of parts. We implore you to learn more about operating expenditures with light towers. You will see Lumax has the lowest OPEX on the market.
  • Quality – Everything we build is with customized components that make the most sense for Lumax Light Towers. We aren’t piecing together products on the market and putting a sticker on a finished product. Everything has been thought through a First Principles mindset to give the best product.

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