Hybrid LED Light Towers: Mining

Application of LED light towers in mining:

Since miners work in mines that do not receive natural light, they have to be dependent on an artificial light source, which should also be portable, robust, and compact while providing excellent illumination. Thus Lumax’s LED Hybrid light towers are a perfect fit for application in the mining industry (See Mckinsey’s latest Mining Industry Trends).

Mining LED Light Tower Features

  • The compact footprint of the LED light tower ensures that it does not get in the way of workers. 
  • The ability to adjust lights is extremely useful in providing illumination at the desired location.
  • The galvanized steel frame ensures that it remains corrosion-free in the moist environment of mines.
  • The hinged panels of the light tower ensure ease of access for service and maintenance of light towers in the constricted space of the mines.
  • Features like auto engine shut down at low fuel levels or high coolant temperature, level indicators for outriggers, waterproof convenience power outlets, standard externally mounted fire extinguisher bracket, and the spill-free frame ensure safety at the workplace at all times.
  • Large fuel tank capacity reduces refueling requirements, increasing the runtime of light towers thus increasing productivity.
  • Rugged design to withstand harsh work environment.

The overall goal for mining light towers should be durability, efficiency and minimum maintenance. Lumax achieves this by maximizing the run time while offering the most fuel efficient solution on the market. If you are interested in learning more about Lumax Lights‘ custom mining solutions, contact us immediately and see if the customizable options that we have for your work. These options will give you the ability to adjust your run time between fueling, increase battery capacity, add solar or other charging options. With Lumax’s LED Lithium storage technology, the options are endless in what we can create for you.

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